Portal to IU computing resources

  • Get updates on Big Red II, Karst, and Mason status.
  • Move files from your desktop to IU's Scholarly Data Archive and Data Capacitor.
  • Monitor and manage running jobs on Big Red II, Karst, and Mason.
  • Find information on available software.
System Status
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IU Cyberinfrastructure
  • UITS Research Technologies: UITS Research Technologies (RT) run IU's computing and storage resources, provide expertise in visualization and analytics, help build scientific and scholarly communities, and support outreach and training. See the Research Technologies website for more information.
  • Computational Systems: More information on Big Red II, Karst, Mason, Rockhopper, and Big Red is available from http://rt.uits.iu.edu/ci/systems/index.php
  • Research Storage: More information on the Data Capacitor, the Scholarly Data Archive, the Research File System, and the Research Database Complex is available from http://rt.uits.iu.edu/ci/storage/index.php
IU Science Gateways
  • NCGAS Galaxy Portal: The IU-led NCGAS project provides support for four different Galaxy instances for bioinformatics compuations. See Galaxy Services for more information.
  • QuakeSim Portal: IU is a participant in the QuakeSim earthquake-modeling science gateway project. The portal is available at http://www.quakesim.org.
  • Structural Protein-Ligand Interactome (SPLINTER) Portal: SPLINTER is a computational resource to enable chemical genomics and drug discovery. See the SPLINTER Start Page for more information.
  • Science Gateways: More information on the NSF-funded XSEDE Science Gateway program is available here.
  • Science Gateway Hosting: The NSF XSEDE program allocates free Virtual Machine hosting for science gateways. For more information, see here.
Do you have a science gateway that you would like to list here, or would you like more information on creating a science gateway? Contact the Science Gateway Group.
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